Exploding Hearts Official Button Pack

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Look like real Boulevard Trash in your very own Exploding Hearts shirt!

Official Exploding Hearts Cretin Button Pack are here! If you missed your chance to grab one at the show, here's your last chance! These have never been available online and now it's here for a limited time! Triple threat of buttons attached to a Exploding Hearts x Cretin packaging! Printed on recycled paper!

1. The Exploding Hearts Logo in metallic yellow and pink 2.25" medium sized button.

1. Exploding Hearts 100% in metallic black and gold 2.25 medium sized button.

1. "I'm Just A Jailbird For Your Love!" in metallic pink and blue 2.25" medium sized button.

Get them while you can...once they are gone....they are gone! Only a limited run of 50 were made!