Howie Pyro Maní-Yack

$25.00 / Sold Out

Here’s a once in a lifetime chance to own a crazy unique piece of art! Artist and sculptor Jeff Carlson gave the “MANI-YACK” treatment to the King of the Weirdos!

Only 40 of these exist in the sick sick sick world! Made to the exact specifications of the original Mani-Yacks from the sixties!

These last few DO NOT include the actual iron on, just the MONSTERIZED image of Howie Pyro.

All hand made for the Howie Pyro Rock and Roll Monster Bash held back in October.

When they’re gone they’re waaaayyy gone!

Perfect to hang in your record room or torture dungeon!

Size: 12" x 17.5"

Proceeds go towards helping to pay for the many expenses related to settling the Estate of Howie Pyro.